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This is my free area. I will be posting things here to give you a taste of what you will have access to if you become a Supporting Member. Additionally, you may want to see what’s inside. Keep in mind that this is the real me. I do this as my way to support myself. If you like what I do, please consider becoming a Supporting Fan. Your support is greatly appreciated!


  • Rope and Sexy Anal

    Rope and Sexy Anal Video

    Anal – My First Time

    The dick that took my anal virginity…

    I first had anal way back when I was 18 years old and dating this absolute jerk I’ll call Sid. He was a 90’s punk sort of guy. Funny, interesting, unique but he had a rotten side to his personality much of the time.

    We met when I was on vacation out of state with a girlfriend of mine. We decided to celebrate our freedom as we had each just turned 18 by flying to Florida to visit a friend of my friend for spring break. It was all set up for me. The friend of a friend had this friend Sid and she wanted us to hook up.

    Sid was cool. I wanted him and I got him. The vacation consisted of lots of parties, lots of sex (even a bit of the BDSM variety!) and some weed. By the end of the vacation, Sid wanted me long term. About a week after I returned home, he drove up the east coast to where I lived and we started living together.

    Oh those were the days of stress and self-created misfortune. School wasn’t over yet, I was living with this nasty man, out on my own for the first time and working two part-time jobs while finishing up school. Thankfully it was short-lived as I was through with him by summer.

    The (anal) sex was pretty ok

    It wasn’t all bad though. The sex with this guy was pretty great. He was rough like I often like it and he loved to experiment. One day he told me he wanted anal. He climbed on top of me and pushed his cock inside my ass like it was my pussy! The pain was searing. The wind was knocked out of me and I gasped as he pulled out and asked if I was ok. I couldn’t speak.

    Finally, I caught my breath and the pain was gone as suddenly as it came and true to Lucy-form I wanted to please him so I told him to go ahead again, but slower. And it wasn’t too bad. I don’t think I learned to truly enjoy anal until maybe eight or so years ago when I started giving myself anal on cam shows.

    Rope and Anal Video


    This video is hot. I truly enjoyed creating it and I hope you will enjoy watching it, should you decide to join and view it! First, I spank my big, round ass until it is beet red. Then I tie my tits up in pretty, red rope. I put nipple clamps on, pull up on the chain and slap my tits until one of the clamps breaks off! That’s when the anal begins…

    I finger fuck my ass a bit with two fingers. Then I sit on my Tantus ripple butt plug. I use my Womanizer clit-sucking vibrator and masturbate until I orgasm!

    More Anal Anyone?

    anal anal anal anal

    If you would like to see this and the eight other videos and picture sets containing anal play, register now! This video is under Kinky Content. Some of my anal content is housed in Sensually Sexy. If you are into pee play, BDSM, etc… be sure to register for Kinky Content, but for most of my anal content, you can stick with Sensually Sexy. πŸ™‚

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    Anal Phone Sex and Cam

    Would you like to do some anal with me live? I do phone sex and cam shows in addition to creating videos and I would love to play with you! Visit my phone sex and cam site!

    If you have any questions, comments or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at

  • BDSM Call Pics 3 Teaser

    BDSM Call Pics 3 Teaser

    Ramblings of a BDSM masochist

    I joined the BDSM scene officially around 2012 or so, my experiences with BDSM began when I was 19 but my interest started a bit earlier…

    A friend gave me a copy of Story of O, a 1950’s BDSM novel written by French writer, Anne Desclos. My friend gifted this to me on a birthday. I took the book home and read a bit. It spoke to me, but I wondered why my friend randomly gave me an erotic book involving the story of a submissive masochist (who evolves into something else). I asked my friend the next day why she gave me the book and she said, “because you are submissive.” And so my journey began.


    From secret chatroom play time starting at the age of 19 to a short-lived dating experience with an older dominant man who brought a VHS of 9 1/2 weeks. By age 22, I was working as a phone sex operator. My very first call involved play with control, consent, violence and sex. I started dating my now-boyfriend who is mostly vanilla, but the experimentation with BDSM did not stop…

    I learned about dominating men with a phone sex call here and there and then I heard about financial domination. The idea of being showered with money, female superiority and living comfortably with my dominant side was too tempting not to get a taste of. And so I did and I enjoyed it, but the Domme boots didn’t quite fit.

    While I continue to play with dominating men a bit, as far as BDSM is concerned, I feel most at home on my knees. Or rather, leaning over a spanking bench with a flogger on my butt! Years and years passed my 20’s, I finally got out in the BDSM world and involved in the lifestyle. I had phone sex calls during which I hurt myself for the caller, but I didn’t fully know what I could take until the giver of my pain was able to dose it out with his and her own hand. It turns out, I can take quite a lot!

    While I was still very active in the BDSM scene, I started doing phone sex and cam again after a 5-year hiatus. On my return, the calls for my submissive and/or masochistic sides rolled in. I so love receiving orders that allow me to give up control to the caller. And when they involve giving my suffering over, I have to dig into a side of myself that is a side-step from bottoming in person. The orders come from the caller, but the pain is coming from my hands!

    Here, in this photo set (and the two proceeding it) I show off what I can do! From rope, to nipple clamps and clothespins, as well as hefty marks which serve as evidence of my BDSM handy work, this pic set is an excellent showcase of what I can do myself as a solo cam performer!

    I hope you will register for Kinky Content (or the level above) to see what I have done to myself in the name of my caller’s desires! To date, I have 32 BDSM posts that are a mixture of videos and picture sets! Additionally, with your registration, you will receive access to my girlfriend, Naughty Girl Aubrey’s content. And believe me, she is no stranger to BDSM, submission and masochism, herself!

    If you have any thoughts, questions or comments you’d like to share with me, the best way to reach me is via email: You are also welcome to visit my phone sex and cam website contact page to reach out via text, phone call, Skype or Discord!

  • Sexy Pee Fetish in Dress 1

    Sexy Pee Fetish in Dress 1

    pee fetish

    Are you a pee fetishist?

    There is just something about the pee fetish that just gets me. I am so turned on by playing with my pee. Maybe it’s because it’s body waste and playing with it; sexualizing it makes me feel dirty. Like I am that slut, I will go there.

    My pee fetish goes back to my early days of masturbating. I used to masturbate on a towel. The feeling of the friction from the towel’s fibers bunched up between my pussy lips felt so good. For some unknown reason, I started occasionally peeing on the towel. I loved the initial warmth then cold and the ever wetness.

    Pee fetish

    Years later, I’m working as a cam girl and playing out the pee fetish for shows became a regular request. I’ve done shows where I pee in the toilet, in my tub, in a glass so I can pour it on myself and even shows where I sip the pee and then spit it on myself. The pee fetish became such a regular request, that I have a system down! Here’s what I do…

    First I lay a tarp down on my office floor. Then I pile many towels on each other on top of the tarp. Then I put me “pee sheet” on top. I place a bottle of all purpose cleaner and paper towels to wipe down the tarp after, wipes for my body and whatever toys I need for the show. Then the fun begins…

    Sometimes on a pee fetish show, I spend a long time masturbating with my caller between peeing on my makeshift bed and myself. A frequent caller and I have a sort of routine down. I suck my dildo and pee in my panties, then I turn around and give myself anal masturbation until he cums.

    Another likes desperation. I hold my pee in for long as possible – until I cannot hold it anymore and it flows out of me in my jeans. There are so many variations to the pee fetish! Two popular options are peeing in panties or jeans. Desperation in various forms comes up too. I once got a custom video order for a “tired pee”. I laid down in bed and was so sleepy, I couldn’t bare the thought of getting up to go to the bathroom, so I just let the pee flow out of me all over my panties, jeans and the bed!

    pee fetish

    In this video, I am wearing a black dress and g-string panties. I had drank a lot of water and some coffee and waited until I couldn’t hold it anymore and then I let loose all of my piss. Some while wearing the panties and some after I had pulled them down. I had so much pee in my panties, that I could wring them out and get a good stream going!

    Would you like to see this pee fetish video?

    Register now for Kinky Content to see this pee fetish videos, the other seven pee videos already up AND my future pee content. I have a good collection of pee videos I have made in years passed which will be uploaded soon and I will be making more! When you register, you get access to Naughty Girl Aubrey’s content too. I have the mild to wild. She has the mild to extremely wild, including plenty of pee content!

    pee fetish

    I am available for phone sex and cam of the pee fetish variety and so much more! Visit my phone sex and cam website! You may contact me at with any questions, comments or requests!

  • Sexy Red Dress Tease

    Sexy Red Dress Tease

    I love being a tease!

    tease tease tease tease

    I thought of all my callers who enjoy being teased when I created this photoset. I put on my lace bra and panties, black nylons and a pretty red dress. Then I took pictures as I stripped – being only a tease, never showing myself completely naked!

    To see the full set of 20 pictures, register for Sensually Sexy now!

    You will also receive access to Naughty Girl Aubrey’s website with your registration! xo

  • Grinding Masturbation

    Grinding Masturbation

    Grinding Masturbation porn by Lucy!

    grinding video

    Sometime back in 2018, I got horny. I decided to make a video of me masturbating without the fanfare of a regular video made for sale. I used my Hitachi and dildo. If you want to enjoy seeing me doing some grinding masturbation on my toys and pounding myself, register now for Sensually Sexy! As an added bonus, you get access to my girlfriend, Naughty Girl Aubrey’s content with your membership!