Baby Oil Bikini Video


Me playing with my body in a hot red bikini with slick baby oil set to some fun music. I start out showing off my curves and then I start pouring the oil over my cleavage. I squeeze my tits and let the oil run all over, keeping my pretty bikini top on. If you’re into big tits, this is enough to make you bust on its own!

I pull my tits out and keep pouring. I splash the wet oil all over and pull on my hard nipples. After playing for a while up top, I get on my back and slip my bottoms off. I pour the oil on my pussy and it feels so good. I play for a bit and then flip on my side, showing off my pretty, round ass and adding more oil. Then I get on all fours, giving those with a thing for ample butts a great view. I bring my hand to my pussy from below and start pumping my ass; grinding my pussy hard against my hand.

At this point, everything is so slick, wet and juicy there’s no need to get the bottle of oil out anymore. I flip around so I’m on top of my hand and I ride it while playing with my breasts. My fingers feel so good on my pussy, I give myself an orgasm. Which was a nice little surprise! I hadn’t intended on going in that direction for this video, but the oil felt so good, I couldn’t help it! I hope you join me when you watch. (11:07 minute video)

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