A Day of Pee 2 Video


I recorded every time I peed during half the day while I was making videos for Clips4Sale! I appear in different outfits (mostly naked) and even different hairstyles, squatting over the toilet or sitting directly on it! For some reason, I was having trouble getting an even stream and kept spraying all over and making a huge mess on the toilet seat! I pulled at my pussy trying to direct the stream, but I only made it worse. I even got toilet paper stuck to my pussy more than once! I was a mess that day! But I had fun! Played with my tits, cupped my hand under my pussy and played with the lips a bit. I made this after three very harsh and long heavy BDSM camshows with a very sadistic caller! I’m happy to show off the bruises he gave me on my thighs! I think you’ll enjoy this video as much as I did making it! (8:01 minute video)

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