Rope and Sexy Anal

Rope and Sexy Anal Video

Anal – My First Time

The dick that took my anal virginity…

I first had anal way back when I was 18 years old and dating this absolute jerk I’ll call Sid. He was a 90’s punk sort of guy. Funny, interesting, unique but he had a rotten side to his personality much of the time.

We met when I was on vacation out of state with a girlfriend of mine. We decided to celebrate our freedom as we had each just turned 18 by flying to Florida to visit a friend of my friend for spring break. It was all set up for me. The friend of a friend had this friend Sid and she wanted us to hook up.

Sid was cool. I wanted him and I got him. The vacation consisted of lots of parties, lots of sex (even a bit of the BDSM variety!) and some weed. By the end of the vacation, Sid wanted me long term. About a week after I returned home, he drove up the east coast to where I lived and we started living together.

Oh those were the days of stress and self-created misfortune. School wasn’t over yet, I was living with this nasty man, out on my own for the first time and working two part-time jobs while finishing up school. Thankfully it was short-lived as I was through with him by summer.

The (anal) sex was pretty ok

It wasn’t all bad though. The sex with this guy was pretty great. He was rough like I often like it and he loved to experiment. One day he told me he wanted anal. He climbed on top of me and pushed his cock inside my ass like it was my pussy! The pain was searing. The wind was knocked out of me and I gasped as he pulled out and asked if I was ok. I couldn’t speak.

Finally, I caught my breath and the pain was gone as suddenly as it came and true to Lucy-form I wanted to please him so I told him to go ahead again, but slower. And it wasn’t too bad. I don’t think I learned to truly enjoy anal until maybe eight or so years ago when I started giving myself anal on cam shows.

Rope and Anal Video


This video is hot. I truly enjoyed creating it and I hope you will enjoy watching it, should you decide to join and view it! First, I spank my big, round ass until it is beet red. Then I tie my tits up in pretty, red rope. I put nipple clamps on, pull up on the chain and slap my tits until one of the clamps breaks off! That’s when the anal begins…

I finger fuck my ass a bit with two fingers. Then I sit on my Tantus ripple butt plug. I use my Womanizer clit-sucking vibrator and masturbate until I orgasm!

More Anal Anyone?

anal anal anal anal

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