Sexy Pee Fetish in Dress 1

Sexy Pee Fetish in Dress 1

pee fetish

Are you a pee fetishist?

There is just something about the pee fetish that just gets me. I am so turned on by playing with my pee. Maybe it’s because it’s body waste and playing with it; sexualizing it makes me feel dirty. Like I am that slut, I will go there.

My pee fetish goes back to my early days of masturbating. I used to masturbate on a towel. The feeling of the friction from the towel’s fibers bunched up between my pussy lips felt so good. For some unknown reason, I started occasionally peeing on the towel. I loved the initial warmth then cold and the ever wetness.

Pee fetish

Years later, I’m working as a cam girl and playing out the pee fetish for shows became a regular request. I’ve done shows where I pee in the toilet, in my tub, in a glass so I can pour it on myself and even shows where I sip the pee and then spit it on myself. The pee fetish became such a regular request, that I have a system down! Here’s what I do…

First I lay a tarp down on my office floor. Then I pile many towels on each other on top of the tarp. Then I put me “pee sheet” on top. I place a bottle of all purpose cleaner and paper towels to wipe down the tarp after, wipes for my body and whatever toys I need for the show. Then the fun begins…

Sometimes on a pee fetish show, I spend a long time masturbating with my caller between peeing on my makeshift bed and myself. A frequent caller and I have a sort of routine down. I suck my dildo and pee in my panties, then I turn around and give myself anal masturbation until he cums.

Another likes desperation. I hold my pee in for long as possible – until I cannot hold it anymore and it flows out of me in my jeans. There are so many variations to the pee fetish! Two popular options are peeing in panties or jeans. Desperation in various forms comes up too. I once got a custom video order for a “tired pee”. I laid down in bed and was so sleepy, I couldn’t bare the thought of getting up to go to the bathroom, so I just let the pee flow out of me all over my panties, jeans and the bed!

pee fetish

In this video, I am wearing a black dress and g-string panties. I had drank a lot of water and some coffee and waited until I couldn’t hold it anymore and then I let loose all of my piss. Some while wearing the panties and some after I had pulled them down. I had so much pee in my panties, that I could wring them out and get a good stream going!

Would you like to see this pee fetish video?

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pee fetish

I am available for phone sex and cam of the pee fetish variety and so much more! Visit my phone sex and cam website! You may contact me at with any questions, comments or requests!

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