Amazing WAM Halloween Pic Set!

Amazing WAM Halloween Pic Set!


Happy Halloween WAM style from Lucy and Aubrey!

Aubrey and I got super messy for Halloween this year. This is a must see pic set and even better, the video! Both are available for your viewing fun when you register for Kinky Content!

WAM is SO Fun!

We started with a big bowl of pumpkin pie mix. We smeared it on our tits, ass, bellies, faces and heads. We slid around in the mess. We threw big globs of the gooey, tasty treat at each other! And then we pulled out the whipped cream and did the same, even tasting it off ourselves and each other.

Next in our WAM adventure, we pull out the syrups; chocolate and strawberry. We cover ourselves in stripes of brown and red before smearing it over every inch of our already messy bodies. If you’re into WAM or even just seeing girlfriends have fun together, you’ll love what we did to celebrate Halloween!


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