Sending Sexy Used Panties to Caller for the 1st Time!

Sending Used Panties to Caller for the 1st Time!

used pantiesI sold my first pair of used panties last week! Having my adventurous girlfriend Aubrey in mind, I’ve been trying to have more of a “yes” attitude lately when it comes to all of this fun sexy stuff. Despite my nerves, when my caller Michael asked to buy used panties and some pussy-dipped lollipops, I said yes! I decided to take some pictures of me preparing the panties as well. And I’m sharing them with you!

used pantiesRather than buying new panties for the sale, I chose a pretty and unique pair of panties out of my personal collection. I thought it might be more fun for Michael to know that I’ve worn the panties many times before. They are slightly on the small side; just how I like them. I love my panties to tuck up in my butt cheeks a little bit because I like the way this makes my butt look! They are a silky material. A purple-gray with a pretty, sheer pattern on the back.

used pantiesI put the panties on under pajama pants. I napped, worked on background work and at some point while getting tasks done, the mood struck! I gathered my mini wand vibe, plastic wrap, ribbon and zip lock bags. I laid back and thought about pee, a topic of interest Michael and I share. I thought about 69ing with him. I would be on top and I would pee in his mouth while licking off the pee I previously sprayed on his cock.

used pantiesI continued to wear the panties until bed time, when I thought I’d add to the scent. I masturbated again, this time with my Womanizer vibe. This time, I thought about my doctor, who is completely dreamy. After, I put the panties in a baggie and sealed it up. I didn’t sleep in the panties for bed as I did with my nap because I usually sleep naked.

The next morning, I tested the panties by pulling them out to smell them. The scent was not overwhelming but sexy and definitely me! I decided this was the perfect time to dip the lollipops inside. First I tasted my wetness. Then I slowly slid the orange lollipop inside. I swirled it around a few times, then wrapped it with plastic wrap and a pretty purple ribbon. I repeated the process with a red and blue pop. After sealing them up in a zip lock, I thoroughly washed my pussy of the sweet candy because sugar and pussies don’t mix!

I’ll be sending the special package off on Monday and I absolutely cannot wait to hear Michael’s reaction!

If you’d like to see the full photo set, register for Sensually Sexy! As an added bonus, you’ll get access to my girlfriend, Aubrey’s fan site with your registration!

♥ If you’d like a pussy pop or five or a pair of my used panties, lingerie or shoes, please contact me at or 650-479-5829 (text is best, but you may also call).

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