2 Girl Vegetable Odd Insertions Video ~ Teaser

2 Girl Vegetable Odd Insertions Video ~ Teaser

odd insertions

When the boys are away…

When the boys are away, Aubrey and I have a little odd insertions fun with vegetables and fruit! I’m wearing nothing but a pair of sexy heels, ready to spread my long legs and receive whatever odd insertions Aubrey can offer. Aubrey is looking gorgeous with her long, silky red hair down wearing nude thigh highs and fuck me heels and an eagerness to be dirty! We sit on the kitchen counter with a variety of vegetables and fruits to stuff our shaved, pink pussies with.

We count our sluttiness!

We start by seeing how many carrots I can stuff in my cunt. Exactly how slutty is my hole? How many carrots can I fill my pussy with? 5? 10? 15? I take an impressive amount of cold, orange fuck sticks before the dam breaks and they all fall out!

Aubrey collects them all up licking and sucking them clean of my pussy juice before spreading her legs to take a turn. Does she get as many carrots inside as I did? Who has the hungriest slut hole?

odd insertions

Next we decide to use a cucumber on our cunts, but not before Aubrey deep throats it. She sucks on it like it’s her favorite cock. Deep throating it like a nasty, slutty pro. She then lays back and pushes it inside her pretty, pink fuck hole deep, enjoying the sensation of the cold vegetable as she takes it.

We measure our sluttiness!

I marks how deep she took the thick, green fuck veg. Then I takes a turn, sliding it in and out and then DEEP so Aubrey can mark how far it went in.

odd insertions

Then Aubrey tries a hot pepper she grew in her garden. She sucks it as she did the cucumbers before. When she pulls it out, I grab it and thrusts it deep inside Aubrey’s wet pussy.

How thick can we go?

The next item is challenging for odd insertions and not a vegetable at all but a big, fat, red apple! Aubrey is so wet; you can see her juices on her thighs. It hurts. It really hurts, but for some reason, Aubrey lets out the most adorable giggle, getting me started. We laugh hard before trying to get the apple inside of my cunt. I squish my face up as I concentrate and try to take as much as I can before we move on to the next item…

Finally, we each take a turn with the fat squash. Aubrey gets it in so deep it almost disappears!  Aubrey then pushes it out of her pussy very slowly before she’s done with it. I take a turn next. Aubrey screws the thick squash around and around, pumping it into my fuck hole. Will I get it all the way in like Aubrey did? 


Are you into odd insertions?

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